Monday, August 26, 2013

Triangle Earrings

I saw these fabulous triangle hoops on Uncovet and thought to myself " I have to have these". Then I hovered the mouse above them and saw the price of $40. These are fabulous and different so, this was not a huge surprise. But you know what is a surprise, how broke I am after graduating form law school.  So, I went to plan "B" ( the B is for Broke). I ordered some 18 gauge wire form etsy for $4 and made my own. 

Here  is how they came out:

I think they cam out pretty good and for a tenth of the price, I'd say you cant beat em. 

You'll need:

- 18 gauge wire
- Wire cutters
- A little bit of patience

  1. Cut used two four-inch strips of wire. 
  2. Gently bend the wire into the triangle shape. 
  3. Use the wire cutters to shape a small hoop at one end of the wire. Use the wire cutters to shape a small hook on the other end of the wire.  You'll slide the loose hook into the hoop when wearing to clasp the earring shut.
  4. Wear them like you paid $40 for them!