Friday, September 27, 2013

Curried Chickpea Patties with Cinnamon Ginger Onion Relish

I forgot about the rainy days in Miami but was quickly reminded this week. I think curry and a good Bollywood movie go best with rainy days. Monsoon Wedding anyone? 

Here's what you need: 

Cinnamon Ginger Onion Relish

½ large yellow onion sliced thinly
2 tbspn lemon juice
1/8 tsp turmeric
1/8  tsp ground ginger
¼ tsp salt
1/8 tsp Cinnamon
½ tsp agave nectar

Here's what you gotta do: 

1. First, in a bowl mix the onions with lemon juice and let sit for five minutes then stir, let sit for another five minutes.

2. Add cinnamon and agave nectar and let sit for another five minutes.

   * While the onions are pickling, start on the patties*

The thinner you slice the onions the quicker they pickle. 

Here's What you need: 

Curried Chickpea Patties

(Yields 6- 8 patties depending on the size)

1 15 oz can of Chickpeas (1/4 cup liquid form the chickpeas drained with liquid set aside)
1 heaping teaspoon of minced garlic
1 tsp yellow curry powder
1 tsp cumin
½ dreid parsley flakes
1/8 tsp red chilli powder
¼ tsp salt

¼ cup bread crumbs
1 tbsp ground flax seed

vegetable oil

Here's what you gotta do: 

  1. In a large bowl mix the chickpeas with the spices (garlic, curry, cumin, parsley, chili, and salt). 
  2. Mash the spiced chickpeas with a mash potato. Mash until is it a course paste.
  3. Add the bread crumbs and flax seed and mix well. 
  4. Mix in the liquid from the chickpeas and stir until mixed well. 
  5. Lightly oil and heat a heavy skillet over a medium heat. 
  6. Use the palm of your hand to form the chickpea mixture into patties.  
  7. Place the patties into the hot skillet and cook for 7 minutes. Gently flip the patties and cook for another 5 minutes  or until both sides are a browned. 
  8. Serve the patties hot, topped with the onion relish. (They taste pretty darn good all alone too!)

Delicious Tip: Patties can be made ahead  with a doubled recipe and stored frozen for those busy weeks. Simply toss in the microwave, skillet or in the toaster oven. May be enjoyed in rain and sunshine!

Old fashioned potato masher did the trick quite nicely but if you wanna be fancy, you can do this part in a food processor. Just be sure to leave the chickpea mixture a bit course.  

Life Is Delicious... Go Taste It!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am thankful

While driving home from an awesome day of shopping on Saturday with my mom and sister, we got a little lost. While making a left hand turn we were t-boned by a negligent driver. Cue the scariest moment of my life, easily topping the time I nearly downed in a whirlpool in Belize.  My sister was thirty-six weeks very pregnant. All three of us were rushed to the hospital. After some harrowing hours strapped to a board, pricked with needles, collared, and x-rayed we were all released. I am so thankful. 

I am thankful that my sister and nascent nephew are ok. I watched in the seconds following impact as my sister held her stomach and prayed. She spoke to the baby, calling him by his name and telling him to stay put. If there was an award for bravery, I think I would have handed it happily to her that evening.

I am thankful for my mother, who was driving the car and kept her wits about her just long enough to steer us out of danger before having a complete meltdown. My mom was so concerned with whether or not we were ok, when the Paramedic asked if she was ok; she said, "I don't know. She had already taken a picture of the other driver's plates, called my dad and brother-in-law but had not stopped for a moment to assess whether she had been injured. 

I am thankful for my dad, who was so worried he couldn't come up with the hospital directions for my other younger sister. You have to understand, my dad's super human power is giving directions. His comic book alter ego's costume would feature a map across the chest. He arrived, nervous around the eyes, speaking calm and encouraging words.

I am thankful for my other younger sister, who utilized her GPS and arrived shortly after my dad. Still dressed in her dance rehearsal clothes. She offered jokes and her signature cool take on the situation.

Today was the first time I've driven a car since the accident and it was nerve wrecking. The first left hand turn at a major intersection carried with it a certain amount of anxiety, but I know I have to focus on where I am going and not where I have been. 

We were able to walk away from the accident bruised and sore, but alive. This post's pictures are not about fashion or food but rather the thing that matters more than trunk sales and salted caramels: Family.

I feel so lucky thankful to have been able to capture these moments for my sister and her husband. 

Sunrise and Baby Shoes

My sister and her husband in the maternity photo shoot at Hollywood Beach in Florida

Life is Beautiful...Go Taste It!

Photos: me

Friday, September 13, 2013

Florida Orange

Orange is all over the runway for Spring 2014. Why wait for next year to sport this hot color now. I am in Florida and it is eighty-two degrees outside. Orange you glad you can wear what ever the heck makes you happy.

First, I moisturized my lips with C.O. Bigelow Lip Shine and wiped away the excess. I then lined my lips in NYX lipliner pencil in Orange. Sephora Lip color in Jealous was the coup de grace for this fun orange pout. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Going Home

As a self proclaimed wanderer, I have missed out on quite a bit of important family events. My litte sister and her husband are very pregnant with their first child. This was not an event I was willing to miss. Afterall what adventure is more exciting than that of child rearing, or so I've heard. Some fortuitous timing and some crazy planning have landed me home in Miami Florida for at least a month so I could attend my sister's baby shower and birth. Yes I plan on being in the birthing room and I am so excited. The five hour flight from Phoenix to Miami demanded a comfortable traveling outfit. I went with zippered jeggings, oversized button down and colorful scarf to fight off middle seat hair craziness.

Reporting for Auntie Duty.

The white and gray clip on earrings,  polkadot button down and black scarf with colored polka dots were all found at a local thrift store. I couldn't forget these Michael Kors glasses for some much needed needed leisure reading (such a luxury after law school). This Latico leather weekender bag is my favorite traveling accessory; with enough room for my laptop, books, paschima,  and other carry-on necessities. 

Black and White circle rings from H&M. Stacked Silver Ring from shop in South Korea. Kenneth Cole Watch in rose gold. Vintage Black Mini Hobo Purse by Coach. 

These studded Steve by Steve Madden hidden platform sneakers are are funky and comfy. They slip off easily which is great for TSA Security. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Purple and Gray Big Girl Manicure

While at a Trader Joe's checkout counter, the cashier exclaimed, " I love your nails!" I smiled and looked down at my hot pink nails with glitter and polka dot accents nails. I had done them myself and was quite please with the look. She then continued, "My three year old would absolutely die if she saw your nails. I'm gonna try that on her when I get home." Really? I guess it was the glitter that did it. The next day a chipped nail was as good an excuse as any to "adult-ify" my nails. I came up with this purple and grey big girl manicure to ward of the admiration of toddlers everywhere.

This mani is still fresh but sophisticated. I love the finished product. Only the chicest three year olds would wear it for sure. 

I used two coats of N.Y.C. quick dry nail polish in the color "Sidewalkers"($1.99).  Once the gray color dried, I  carefully painting on the tips using Wet n Wild Megalast nail color in "On a Trip" ($1.68). When everything was fairly dry each nail got a shellack of clear nail top coat. 

Life is Delicious...Go Taste It!

P.S. The midi-ring is a DIY Project gone fabulously right. Stay tuned for the tutorial!

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Taste of Phoenix Fashion Week

    As New York Fashion Week kicks off, we Zonies (nickname for folks who live in Arizona) are preparing for our very own major fashion event; Arizona Fashion Week at the Talking Stick Resort. Arizona Fashion Week is actually closer to a weekend of fashion, but where the event is short on days, it makes up for in style. This year the event will run from Thursday October 3 through Saturday October 5. This year the organizer, Brian Hill wetted our appetite for October's big event with the Emerging Designer's Challenge Showcase. Attendees had the chance to vote for their favorite designer and model during the event and were treated to the sounds of a fabulous dj and open bar.

The atmosphere was buzzing just before the start of the show. I've honestly not witnessed so many eclectic people in one room since I moved to Phoenix. 

I voted for this model as my favorite. She had an amazing catwalk and cool hair. Her dress is by emerging designer Herbert Victoria. His collection was an easy mix of office-to-happy-hour shades and figure flattering cuts. 

From the Emerging Desiger Brand "Dous Belle". The collection was made of modern cuts with vintage details. 

Of course I ran into one of the more fashion forward attorneys on the valley. Ben is everywhere you want to be. 

This pink mini-dress with spraypaint design is from a little dress shop I found while shopping in Iteawon, a very "Western" neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea. Everything in the store was handmade and one-of-a-kind and I think I paid the equivilant of $40 U.S Dollars for it. The dip died neon necklace is from a sale at Nordstrom's. You can barely make them out but the earrings are the triangle earrings I made from an earlier post. 

This my absolute favorite purse (right now) I found it at the Beacon's Closet in Park Slope, Brooklyn for $10. The leather clutch is adorned with an embossed floral design. The three finger ring I scored at H&M. 

Check out the Arizona Fashion Week Blog for more info and updates!

Life is Delicious...Go Taste It!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Olive and Ivy Inspiration.

I went to Olive and Ivy Restaurant in Scottsdale with my mentor tonight. I've passed this sparkling restaurant about a bajillion times while walking along the Scottsdale Waterfront and just assumed it was another pusher of tasteless safe foods. I was pleasantly surprised. The food is amazing. We caught the tail end of happy hour so we took advantage of the cheap eats; Hummus and Bruschetta with asparagus and goat cheese. For dinner I took a chance on an interesting sounding dish, Sweet Potato Cannelloni with Roasted Mushrooms and Toasted Almonds. At first bite, I thanked my mother for nurturing my adventurous spirit.  Oh my goodness, I have no idea how they packed so much flavor into this seemingly simple dish. I am now on the hunt to replicate this dish. I will post my attempt as soon as I am able to make it edible. In the mean time I think I'll do so more (ahem) research at Olive and Ivy.

The conversation was so good that I forgot to whip out my camera for a quick shot of the grub, so the internet provides.*

Aside from the from the amazing food, the restaurant features an eye catching amount of Niche Modern Pharos Pendant Lights. 

Tasty Hummus From Olive and Ivy

Life is Delicious...Go Taste It!