Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whirlwinds and Other Blessings

Okay so  its been a long while since I wrote a post. I can assure you it has not been because life has not been absolutely chock full of deliciousness. In fact I think its been so chock full I've been busy eating it up. A lot has happened so let me fill you in.

On May 9th I found out that I passed the Arizona bar. Wohoooo! All that hard work and forfeiture of fun was not in vain. Then, as is the next logical step, I decided to start my own law firm. Yep, Keo'vonne Wilson Legal, PLLC is officially a thing now. I hosted a launch party which just so happened to coincide with my birthday. Yep, I had a birthday and threw myself a party. It was wonderful!  I also built a website, created business cards and marketing merchandise ( magnets, t-shirts, social media accounts). I am so proud of my little start up.

I also got a very awesome video from my sister and bro-in-law back home. KJ, my nephew, is crawling! I am so excited. It has been an amazing journey watching him grow up. I am so thankful for social media and technology because I don't have to miss a moment.

With a new business, interesting clients, networking, blogging for the firm, cooking, attempting to push the limits of professional wear, it has been the most delightful whirlwind!

Below is a photographic peek at all of the delicious-ness
The order of events is a little hazy but it's all great.

                                                This is how I celebrated passing the bar.

Well I passed the Bar here, so I figured it was time I finally became a licensed Arizona Driver. 

Here is the hummus I made for road trip to Cali Number 1.

Rice Noodles with kale, bell peppers and mock beef. 
Gosh I hope I wrote down this recipe somewhere.

Granola I made for Road Trip To Cali Number 2. 

This was a photo used on my birthday/website launch invite.
Pretty snazzy huh!

Days before my birthday my sister's birthday gift to me came in the mail. 
A rice cooker! This woman knows me too well. 
My old one crapped out months ago. 

Rice cooker's maiden voyage, Spicy rice and beans. 

Birthday bling for birthday/launch party. 

The business cards arrived just in time for the birthday bash. 

The party favors were gourmet cupcakes in these cute takeout boxes. I pulled out the shoe-string looking ties and replaced it with ribbon that coordinated with the business card style magnets. 

I enjoyed this blue cheese stuffed olives in my dirty gin martini. Of course I hosted my birthday/launch at Hanny's. I love this place, this martini...

...and these people. 

This was one of the only time I enjoyed yogurt. I really dont like it unless it's mixed in something. Summer ripened peaches, a light dusting of ground ginger, agave and toasted oats and almonds. 
This was a perfect breakfast.

I FINALLY made my sister's super simple eggplant parmesan. 
I will share this recipe soon. 

Homemade almond pesto. 
I have since killed the basil plant, but the legend of the pesto live on.

Heading to the gym wearing one of the t-shirts I designed featuring my firm's moto

"Turn Your Dream Into Your Legacy"

Shield your eyes from the dirty mirror.

This is what Bono looks like with his summer do. I didn't realize how smal this dog really was. 
He still believes he is half great dane, half Beyonce. 

Went to Vegas for the 4th of July watch my "little" cousin, Leena Star, open for Doug E. Fresh. 
She is a little fire cracker on the stage and off. 

Us being silly and posing for a fan picture in front of the poster she is on. 
We had a blast at the afterparty!

Rang in the 4th of July celebrations at a Pho place in Treasure Island. 


Taking shelter from the heat of the Las Vegas Stip in on of the many casinos. 

Riding on the highway with the top down seemed like a good idea...

It was not!

Selfie after dinner in the Ling Ling Lounge on the third level (of five) at Hakkasan. 
Hakkasan is allegedly the hottest restaurant in Vegas. 
The food was exceptional, but it was so dark that the guy at the next table lent me his phone with a flashlight app to read the menu. 

At this point in the night, the only thing I was fighting was sleep. It was a great end to my Vegas trip!

I've begun tutoring this cutie twice a week in preparation for kindergarten. 
My cousin's son keeps me laughing the entire time.

After finally cleaning out my car, I made this handy organizer to keep things in reach but out of the way. 
Instructions coming soon.

My World cup outfit. Go 'Murica!
Picked up that tie for a dollar.

This is the local pub at 10am on a tuesday during a USA World Cup match. 
I kept wondering, where do these people work?

Mom's birthday gift arriving the standard month later. 
After my last phone bit the dust, mom made it clear that I had no more excuses. 

Bono finding comfort in sweaty gym bags. 

Life is Delicious...Go Taste It!

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