Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Protect Your Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is a fun and inexpensive way to add some jazz to any outfit. However custome jeewlry is ususally made of plated metals and will fade. I got tired of watching my favorite pieces fade to an undesirable shade of blah, so I started protecting my tiny investments with a clear coat of Modge Podge. Check out the instructions below.

Here's What You Gotta Have:
  • A wire hanger
  • Tape ( Pictured here is painters tape, but I'd Imagine any tape will do)
  • Pliers
  • Clear acrylic sealer or clear spray paint 

Here's What You Gotta Do: 

Use the pliers to undo the area where the hanger wire connects. 
Then create a small hook on the end opposite the larger, already existing, hook.  

Tear the tape into various sized pieces to accommodate various sized jewelry.

Place the jewelry on the hanger in between the tape to prevent the jewelry from drying stuck together. 
Connect the two hooks of the hanger. 

Hang the jewelry hanger in a well ventilated area and spray a thin even coat of the sealer on the jewelry using a sweeping motion.

Note: I used matte clear acrylic sealer  because the jewelry I was protecting had a brushed metal finish. 
I use the regular clear sealer on shiney items. 

Let the first coat dry according to the sealant instructions
 and apply a second coat for extra protection. 
Let the jewelry dry completely according to the sealant instructions before wearing. 

Enjoy your beautiful baubles!

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