Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Always a Good Time to Turban

Turban wearing is not for the faint of heart, but gosh they are a fabulous fashion accessory. Turbans have been around for thousands of years. Traditionally worn by men to signify a religious sect or social status, turbans began to show up on western trendsetters in the 70's. Turbans are a great "Anytime" accessory. They can be paired with a casual tunic and jeans in the spring, big sunglasses and a swimsuit in the summer, fall coats and boots, and faux fur in the winter; you simply cant go wrong with a turban. This timeless piece really adds a big impact to any outfit and hides dye jobs gone awry, impeccably!

I embellished this $2 turban with a vintage earring.
 I lost the other one a long tome ago, but couldn't bear to throw this one away. 
When hoarding goes right!

Turban in warm weather...

Just as stylish in colder weather!
Road Runner Pin sent as a graduation gift form my Aunt Karen. 

Turban and Treats!

Life is Delicious ...Go Taste It!

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