Thursday, March 6, 2014

DIY: Tassel Necklace

I survived the Arizona Bar. I won't get my score  until May so the next few months will be spent looking on the bright side. It was grueling marathon toward this moment and now its over. I have so much free time and I have quite a few ideas on what to do with it. First project: make some use out of my graduation cords. Up until today, they hung in my coat closet full of promise but virtually useless. That was until I stumbled across this gem on Anthropologies's website.

$89 Originally $328

Then there was this golden bauble on the Bergdorf Goodman Website. 

Photo: Rachel Zoe Long Tassel-End Necklace$292 Originally $650

I really like the bohemian vibe of the cord and tassel look but I couldn't help but wonder if there was a cheaper better way to get that aesthetic. Cue graduation cords! They could finally be dusted off and repurposed. You could easily do this project with curtain tie backs. They are available at any local home-wares store that sales window treatments. I found some on ebay for less than $5 apiece.
Mine cost me $0 dollars if you don't count the $100K+ spent on law school in order to get my honors cords. But that is neither here nor there. 

You'll need one cord with tassels and about 2 minutes of your time. 

Here's what you gotta do: 

1. First drape the cord on your neck with the tassels hang in the back.

2. Then bring the tassles across your back to the front of you. so you will have one full look around your neck with the tassels hanging in the front. Make sure the tassels are hanging evenly. 

3. Start by tucking the tasseled end of the cord into the front loop and wrap the tasseled end around

4. Rock out with your cord out!

For this one I left the tassels uneven. 
Got this one for Negotiating the heck out of some legal conflicts. 
No big deal!

 These bad boys came from serving on the SBA. 
I draped these haphazardly and loved the statement necklace quality I was left with. 
And yes this represents the chaos of any student board association!

Life is Delicious... Go Taste It!

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