Friday, December 13, 2013

Make a Holiday Wreath: Up-cycle Your Fashion Magazines

Did I mention I love the Holidays? Winter fashion is a blast, there is a free pass to put pumpkin in everything and best of all, crafting craziness! I'm not immune to the holiday spirit but I try to avoid the cliche's of the season. Cue red and green everything, glitter, elves and fake snow. I wanted a wreath but could not find a single thing in the stores that was not laden with pinecones, glitter and bells. I wanted something a bit modern that avoided the traditional green and red color scheme. I thought about making a wreath out of an old cashmere sweater, then I remember how much I'd paid for that thing and broke out the de-piller. Thirty minutes of shaving a sweater is a lot of time to think; I had an idea.

 Behold the "Magazine Wreath of Fashion and Holiday Cheer" aka my holiday wreath.

What your gonna need :

- A pair of Scissors
- Some magazines ( I used the pages of one and a half magazines)
- A wire Hanger
- A hot glue gun and glue sticks

Here's What You Gotta Do:

1) Cut the magazine pages into 1 1/2 inch strips. 

2) Bend the wire hanger into a circular form. 

3) Bunch up up several strips of paper at a time. My magic number was seven strips at a times, but play around with it and see what works for you. 

4) Give them a gentle twist about half way down the length of the strips so that they stay together with little effort. This is where you will fold the strips over the wire hanger. 

4) Apply hot glue to the stripes just above the twisted half-way mark and fold over so that the paper is glued in place around the wire hanger. 

5) Continue the twist, glue, fold over  process until the entire wire circle is covered with paper. 
            *This took me about an hour and a half and one and a half glasses of wine*

6) To create and accent bow, fold three strips of paper in half and glue ends togehter to form one loop of the bow. Repeat this step to create the other loop of the bow. 

7) Cut the tails of the bow from two strips of paper

8) Glue the loops and tails together to create your accent bow. 

9) Glue the bow anywhere you want to on the wreath. I choose an off center placement at the bottom of the wreath

9) Bend the loop of the wire hanger to attach to make hanging easier. The loop can be used to attach the wreath to a nail or hook on a wall or to tie a ribbon through for hanging over the door

I choose a sunny yellow ribbon to tie hang the wreath over my front door. 

I love it!

Here's a close up...aint it grand! 

Life is Delicious...Go Taste It!

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  1. So crafty & cute! I'll have to set some time aside for this before the holidays are over… May even be cute after the holidays.. Hmm.. ;D

    <3 Carsla
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