Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going Home: DIY Buffet-Turned-Dry-Bar

I am enjoying the sunshine and breeze of my sub tropical home in between painting walls, sanding furniture and harassing the carpenters. on the day my sister and Brother in law sign the documents for their new home,  we passed a discarded wood laminate buffet. We talked my brother-law into turning around so we could access the situation. The piece was in two pieces and pretty banged up, but there was potential there. It had great detail and hardware. My sister took it as a good sign. The first piece of furniture acquired for there new home was free.
     As we loaded the buffet onto the truck, the homeowners came outside to help us load it onto the truck. My brother in law remained skeptical of our booty but once we got it home and came up with a plan, he gave us the thumbs up. He even came up with the color we would paint the piece that would be repurposed into dry bar for the formal dining area: matte black. 

Buffet-Turned- Dry-Bar

 The dry bar was made out of the top half of the buffet. Since the top of of the original buffet was rough and uneven, we decided to flip the buffet over. The flat surface on the bottom part was better suited for the purpose of serving up drinks and housing decorative items.  Since the bar is technically up-side-down, I flipped the handle after painting. 

Like I mentioned before the buffet was a trash- to- treasure find, so it was not in the best shape.
No problem, I wiped the furniture down, all holes were filled with wood filler, and the glass was taped off to avoid paint mishaps. 

Here it is in the dining area after the paint dried. 

We choose to go with a patterned paper to make the piece pop. 

We found this gift wrap at Target on sale for $1.97 a roll. 

 This baby cam a long way. Stay tuned for the DIY side board made form the bottom half of the rescued buffet. 

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