Thursday, April 17, 2014

Going Home: DIY Dry Brushed Bedroom Furniture

My sister insisted that we do something that bordered on french cottage and dreamy romantic. Her husband insisted on a dark room, preferable grey. I saw no reason the two couldn't get exactly what they wanted. But first we had to get some furniture. Their previous apartment was chock full of modern and hip furniture, so we had to start from scratch. Sis found this cool wooden furniture for super cheap and the plan was to paint it chalk white then go over it with black wax for a distressed look. I began, in earnest,  to cover the head board with the white paint. After a few dry brush strokes, I stepped back and thought,"that looks really cool". I dry brushed the rest of the headboard and sent a photo to my sister. She loved it.  Dry brushing would take a third of the time to do all the bedroom furniture; sold!

Below are the "Before" pictures: I totally forgot to take the pictures before I began painting but remembered before I painted all of them .

This will serve as the tall dresser drawer for the master bedroom. 

Nightstand for master bedroom. 

Here is a drawer from a night stand, minus the hardware. 
This is sanded and ready for paint.

The original plan was to coat the entire piece in white paint, then use black wax paint to create a antique distressed look. Dry brushing in this case, was a lot easier and a quicker way to create the shabby chic look we were going for. 

This is the exact picture sent that changed Sis's mind. 

The paint finish really brings out the lovely details in this antique wood headboard.  

I dry-brush painted the furniture with a  flat white acrylic paint. The look was achieved by lightly dipping a dry paintbrush into the paint, then lightly going over the surface. 
The goal is to leave a bit of the wood exposed. 
This is one of the few times when seeing the brush stokes is a "good thing". 

My sister was sold on this bedroom set when she saw the detailed handles on the drawers. 
They really are quite beautiful. 

Here is the tallboy in the master bed room. 


This looks so good against the the dark grey of the wall. 

Painting furniture can compete change the look of a piece of furniture. Take a chance on pieces that have great details but may not be in the best shape. You can always nail, glue and sand a piece into working order. 

Stay tuned for more DIY Projects. 

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