Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Going Home: Sister's New Home

      I knew this time in my life was inevitable, but I never thought I'd get so much pleasure out of it. I boarded a plane in Arizona to visit my family in Miami, Florida. I arrived just in time to celebrate my little brother's 21st Birthday. Two days after our night of club hopping on South Beach, I accompanied my sister and her husband to an attorney's office to sign the paper work to close on their first home. My younger siblings are such amazing people. Being able to watch them grow and prosper is such a blessing. I could not be any prouder.
     Part of the reason I am in Miami is to help my sister and her hubby get settled into their home and to oversee the interior design and decoration. Yay!!! My sister's confidence in my vision for her home is so reassuring. We bounce idea off each other; and with my mom's technical input and brother in-law's taste preferences, we are working to turn their home into a unique and welcoming place. 
      First let's talk "The Before".  The house was painted a very safe blend of pastels, so of course the paint was the first thing we had to change. Below is our color palette. The yellow is for the kitchen, the coral color is for the formal dining area, the turquoise is for an accent wall in the formal living room, dark blue for the den, and dark grey for the master bed room. I forgot to snap the before picks until after we began painting, but the pictures give a good idea of what was going on.

Our new color palette is bold and rich. 

Front door entry flanked by floor-to-ceiling mirrors and a small brick wall. 

The accent wall in the formal living room was the same color grey as the adjacent wall. We had originally planned to paint the whole wall including the creases in between the bricks, but after a coat with the roller I fell in love the fresh look of outlined brick. We plan to go back in to outline the areas that we painted the creases with white. 

The accent wall from another angle.

This house is not short on light. 
The living room features this gorgeous window. 

This picture does not do this coral color justice. I was shocked when my sister gravitated toward this bold color for the formal dining area, but I was also so excited. The formal dining area is not a room in the traditional sense, so a bold color will be vital to defining this space. 

Wider view of the dining area. My brother-in-law posing in the background. 

The kitchen is pastel pink and the cabinets are covered in a laminate. The laminate is peeling off and a few knobs are missing. 

Kitchen Pantry 

The kitchen is a nice size and this area will hopefully be a built in kitchen nook. Right now it houses the old dishwasher. 

The Den is a long narrow space and full of light. 

View into kitchen area from the den.

Den area from another angle. I love this chandelier. My sister wants to trash it, but I think it can be saved. 

View from den to the formal dining area.

Master bedroom its mauve with a brown accent wall. 
Yep, that's getting painted over ASAP!
The slinging door also has to go, it it the only thing separating 
the homeowner's bedroom from their den, that not gonna work. 

Master bedroom angle #2

Guest bathroom. When my sister called me to help out, the first thing she mentioned was this bathroom. I didn't think it was as bad as she said, 
then I saw the purple double sink...ok, it was as bad as she said. 

This shower door has seen better days.

Oh that purple tub. 

Well if you're gonna put in a purple tub and double sinks, might as well put in a purple toilet. 
It's a bathroom only Barney can love!

Inside the tub and window.

My nephew's bedroom, it was a cheery shade of blue.  It is  the only room we will not be changing the color in. 

Closet with scalloped edge shelving, so cute!
That fan is hanging quite precariously. Oh my!

Stay tuned for our progress, craft ideas, and results. I'll share our mishaps, successes and provide plenty of pictures. 

Life is Delicious... Go Taste It! 

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