Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dancing Shoes

When I was younger, I would put on shows for my parents. I made the costumes, gathered props,  choreographed dance recitals and staged plays much to my two younger sisters' chagrin. They had to participate. They had to rehearse. They had to put up with my crazy ideas or at least I thought so. One sister grew up and became a social worker and refuses to dance in public, while the other is a manager at a popular department store and still dances as a part of a dance ministry team. This week T invited us to her performance at a Miami theatre. She really shined and the show was amazing. I like to think that forcing her to take part in my crazy productions helped nurture my sister's love of performing, well that or the fact that she's just naturally a really great dancer. Same-Same.

Asymmetrical top by Rolla Coster, Pants by H&M

Shoes by Breckelle's - 
Ankle Strap Round Toe Platform Wedge borrowed from Mom 
( Thank goodness she's got excellent taste and big feet...too.)

Earrings from Knee Deep Vintage, Necklace Borrowed from Mom, Winged ring from Gather Boutique, Thumb ring is a nut ( as in nuts and bolts) that I started wearing as a ring. 

Being a bit silly outside of the theatre just before the show.

Proceeds from the performance benefitted victims of domestic violence.
Check out the D.C.L.A.R.E.  Visual Arts Community FB Page for more info on performances.

Life Is Delicious ...Go Taste It!

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