Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day at the Farmer's Market

One of the things I love about being home is hanging out with my mom and sister. We can turn a simple outing into an adventure full of exploration and laughs. A trip to the Yellow and Green Farmer's Market in Hollywood Florida provided the back drop for one such outing. We were drawn into booths by handmade jewelry,visited a herbalist for some natural remedies and of course we ate some new and interesting foods.
   Farmer's markets are great places to grab locally grown produce, which means the fruit and veggies are super fresh. Of course you know that but the cool thing you may not know is that if you like quirky, which I do, farmer's markets a heavy with heart made crafts and unique pieces. Not only are the pieces unique, but they are usually pretty dirt-cheap  affordable and affordable is one of my favorite qualities in a consumer good.

My sister and I picked up these clay bead rings set on a copper colored band for $1 each 
at Whimsy at Work ( handmade paper art, clay beads and  jewelry).

Spices and such

Funky hand-painted wooden chairs.

Moo moo baby moo!

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