Wednesday, October 9, 2013

These Sunnies Only Look Like A Million Bucks!

I live in Phoenix, aka Valley of the Sun, and visiting family means a trip to Miami, Florida, so naturally I'm always in sunglasses. I used to spend a fortune on stylish sunglasses, only to lose them or break them. After watching a pair of my favorite sunglasses collapse under the weight of friend’s buns of steal, I nearly shed a tear. My friend paid for lunch, but there was no way I could bring myself, or my budget, to purchase another pair of the designer shades. I took some advice from ZZ Top and got myself some cheap sunglasses.  No name brand, no label, nothing over twenty bucks. And when those sunglasses were broken, which happened within a month, I did not shed a single tear, nor was I upset. I was actually impressed with my foresight. I mean I wouldn't call myself a klutz, but my mom probably would. In any case, I lucked up when I came across these babies at my local Dollar Store. Yep that's right; I snatched up these gray and yellow round plastic frames of awesomeness for one hundred pennies. I get so many compliments on these glasses and I love the look on people's faces when I tell them wear I got them; because the only thing better than a cool pair of shades in the sun, is a pair of cool and inexpensive shades in the sun.  

I was drawn in by the retro rounded shape...

...and stayed for the modern grey and yellow color pairing. 

Looking like a million bucks having spent only one.  

Life is Delicious...Go Taste It!

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